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Landscape Maintenance
We provide full Commercial and Residential maintenance services for Cape Cod and South Eastern Ma.  The summer season should be enjoyed.  Let Clipper take the headache of property maintenance off of your mind.  We provide the highest quality meticulous service possible.  Your yard is our yard, and we will treat it that way.


Lawn Mowing
Weekly lawn mowing will keep your turf looking beautiful and manicured.  Alternating mowing patterns will ensure that your lawn grows even and lush.  Our equipment is meticulously maintained to provide the best cut possible.  Trimming all of your lawns edges will keep the crisp look year round.


Spring Clean Up
Winters can be long and harsh leaving your property a mess.  A quick visit from our maintenance team will get all the debris cleaned up and ready for the season. 


Edges can make or break a property.  Making crisp deep edges around your planting beds will control turf growth and hold in the mulch.  Crisp clean edges will be maintained during weekly mowing through a process called “double edging.”  A power edger can clean up curbing and walkway edges.


We offer multiple different types of mulch to satisfy your color and texture taste.  At least three inches of mulch should be applied to all planting beds to control weed growth and help your plants with water absorption.  See our gallery for mulch samples.


When, where, and how are all points of concern when properly pruning your favorite trees and shrubs.  Perennials will also enjoy a longer blooming season when routinely maintained.  We offer two and three round pruning programs to keep your property looking sharp all year round.

fall clean up

Fall Clean Up
Leaf clean ups are an essential service to tidy up your property at the end of the growing season.  Leaves fall late in the season on Cape Cod and can be a tough job with the wind and cold temperatures.  Our powerful equipment will have your yard cleaned up and ready for winter.


Keeping weeds from taking over your flower beds is an essential part to maintaining your property.  We can upkeep your planting beds regularly by manually weeding and raking.  If you have an overwhelming amount of weeds, we offer Round-Up and granular applications.


Brush Clearing & Mowing
If you are looking to clear an area on your property or control the existing growth, we have the tools to get the overwhelming job done. 


Parking Lot Sweeping
Primarily for commercial customers, we will sweep up all the sand and debris left over from the winter months.  During the season, we can routinely maintain that clean appearance that you want your customers to see.